With live display, you can view your spine health condition in real time


Spine Posture Monitoring Device

aiSpine (Spine Posture Monitor) is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven device that prevents, monitors, and records angular and curvature changes in the neck and back. It also maintains users' health record, activity, and burning calories.


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Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) services remotely provide therapeutic patient care by actively monitoring patients’ health conditions, including musculo skeletal status, respiratory status, therapy adherance, and therapy response. We utilize our aiHealth series to collect patients’ non-physiological data, which can be self-reported as well as digitally uploaded.

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AIH LLC provides systematic smart wearable products created and developed by medical expert while providing a personalized digital health monitoring service. We are committed to improve your health and help you to enhance your health quality. We provide a wide range of accessible medical platforms for global patients to use the world’s best medical resources in the United States, opening a convenient and fast channel. Our platform allows medical experts to gain access to the most advanced diagnosis and treatment equipment, allow them to use the most effective treatment methods; including perfect Surgery, novel special drugs, etc. that bring new hope to patients' lives.LL

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