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Our Mission

aiSpine Wearable Device

Digital Healthcare Platform

A.I. Based Diagnostic Database

Posture-Monitoring Mobile App With Real-Time Feedback

AlH LLC corporates with the Society of American Physicians Entrepreneurs as well as top US medical institutions to serve global Chinese patients. We gathered abundant American medical experts from top US hospitals among various medical specialties. Our professionals have great experience in both Chinese medical system and US-standard healthcare.They completed their formal inpatient medical training in American medical schools and have sufficient medical experience in US hospitals. Our medical providers are bilingual and Chinese patients will feel at home while communicating in Mandarin. In providing cutting-edge medical care,we greatly promote the benefits of Chinese patients and healthcare system.

We provide widely accessible medical platform that links our patients around the globe to the best medical resources in the US. Our fast channels enable authoritative medical experts to operate world-class treatment equipment and advanced diagnosis methods, including perfect surgical operations and revolutionary cure. We are glad to change patients’lives and bring them new hope.

Our Strength

Three-in-one healthcare service

International medical network

Connect our users and patients with hospital and doctors. and decrease the discrepancies among different medical resources.

Ecological Health System

We provide medical services with early disease prevention, day-to-day diagnosis, emergency assistance services and follow-ups.

Sharing intelligentization

We realize medical intelligence in various aspects, from product-user experience, hospital examination and treatment, to doctor diagnosis and surgery.

aiClin, your personal digital patient record



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